Mumbai Fighters v/s Devils of Terror

Nothing till now had made an impact as fierce as this one on me that finally forced me to punch in my first logical ( read not-bragging ) blog.
Yes, once again the financial hub of the country, the town where Bollywood resides, the city that never sleeps and my hometown – MUMBAI – has been targeted by the people who for some reason think that they can do anything they want and to whomsoever they want. It’s like not-so-hopefully an ever lasting battle of MUMBAIAITES v/s TERRORISTS in our home ground, which BTW Mumbai leads 3-0, yet they never seem to accept their fate. The first being the not-easy-to-forget “BLACK FRIDAY” 12th March 1993 where there were these series of bombings in Mumbai, that’s were it all started and these M****RFU*KING-TERROR-A**H***s got their morale from. Yet we, the citizens of Mumbai, managed to forget all that and continued living a peaceful life for a few years since then. But unfortunately just like us they also didn’t give up. And then a few years back again they struck back when a bus (I ain’t sure but I guess it was Route 340 ) was bombed in Ghatkopar and then later a train in Mulund and then another huge one. like the ’93 serial blasts, remembered as the Terror Tuesday or 7/11, yes it was 11th July 2006. its been branded on the minds of all the Mumbaikars those existed then, be it a 5 year-kid or a 90 year gr8-gr8-granpa of many kids.
All this being said and done, nothing has improved in Mumbai, at least not the judiciary or the security. Although as citizens we are more aware but the people who need to be the most aware and lead the city don’t seem to follow suit. The police force did catch hold of most of the criminals but after expectedly taking so many years, yet it turns out that they were not the slowest, the Apex Judicatory of the country handsomely took its time to do whatever it should not and not do whatever it should. All this giving rise to more and more encouragements to miscreants to bajaofay the country, saying come kick our butt and will give you the other cheek to kick as well.
And now today, 26th of November 2008, it is happening all over again … open firings at one of the world’s busiest railway station(CST), the heritage Taj Mahal hotel that Mumbai boasts of, the posh Oberoi(Trident) at Nariman, the Queen’s necklace, Colaba causeway… and so many more places. Imagine the extent of their fearlessness that they get into CST station with so many guns and start firing at innocent people and moreover escaping from there unhurt by all the RPF security on the station. For us to digest that incident they do a braver thing by hijacking a Cop-Qualis and start firing at people on the road including media people and people outside the Metro multiplex. And to top all this they occupy the biggest hotels of the city, the Oberoi and Taj. And take hostage of hundreds of people and put the Taj on fire. All this is continuing since the last 14 hours and still going on as I am writing this.
The basic motive behind this seems to be yet unclear. And this time around the terrorists ain’t any bunch of old guys who have lived their life enough and can take bullets to part from the world, but these are a few dozens of twenty odd year youths! Now just think when would they have started training for such a sure shot road map to death mission, 10 yrs or 14 yrs ?? quite possible.

Everything is not over yet, this will go on and on and on … until either we or they give up, exactly its a game of who gives up first… and looking at our opponents it doesn’t seem they’ll give up ever unless we show they what we can do by first of all avoiding such incidents and secondly in such cases no need of having a trial for them, just get all the info from them and hang them.
Enough of emotions from me for the day, I think have to prepare for my exams now 🙁 ain’t in any mood though. But one thing that’s positive from this is that the English Cricket Team has cancelled their current tour half way, giving our cricketers (may be BCCI won’t agree) a well deserved break.. But yes in the long run India’s situation might become like Pakistan where no one wants to go… Hope that never happens
RIP : All those who have been victims of such cruelties and those martyr policemen

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