How Goibibo Ruined My Vacation

I recently went on a vacation of 10 days with my wife. I used a particular online portal to do most of the bookings and used Goibibo for the last two nights of my vacation, in Chandigarh and Delhi. So bad was my experience of the last two nights that all the sweet memories of my vacation were overshadowed and washed away. We came back from the vacation stressed, instead of the being recharged.

Here are the two instances.

ChandigarhEntire city of the hotel is listed wrong.

Hotel – Oyo 10070 Hotel Satkar Regency @

This hotel falsely claims to be in Nayagaon, Chandigarh. It is actually in Punjab and a good 13 KM away from Nayagaon. We reached Chandigarh during our vacation at 1 AM and realized the hotel was not in Chandigarh. I should have realized this earlier, but hey if a hotel publishes itself to be in Nayagaon, Chandigarh you would go into the exact location only after reaching Nayagaon. It was too far for us to travel and hence we started to look for a hotel in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, the next happened to be some law exam and all hotels across Chandigarh were full. I and my wife were left stranded in an unknown city at 2 AM. Luckily my driver knew of a place which happened to have 1 small room available> We were forced to book it at a hefty cost of 2500 for a room and hotel that should not cost over 700 on a normal day. I lost 2500 and my peace of mind only because booked the hotel through Goibibo, who didn’t bother to check if the hotel is listed in the correct city. Over the night, I tried reaching the hotel a few times over the phone, but nobody ever picked up the phone.

Here is what google map says

This is Chandigarh

This is Nayagaon, in Chandigarh


And this is the hotel, claiming to be in Nayagaon, Chandigarh

Delhi – Fully prepaid hotel says room unavailable at check-in (1AM)

Hotel the Raj –

I booked the deluxe room by paying full money ~1500 in advance through Goibibo. On turning up at the hotel at 1 am with my family, I was told they don’t have a proper room for me, they only had one room that had no electricity. They suggested I use that as it was pretty late and we should sleep anyway and won’t need electricity. I could not agree with the ridiculous response and told him we can’t take the room with no electricity. The guy at the reception offered to help us by providing a room in another hotel nearby. With no other option in front of us, I and my wife at 2 AM in the night at Delhi, were forced to take up the alternative hotel, Harsha International.

This alternate hotel was neat and clean and close by. Raj’s staff did help move our luggage here.

Hotel Raj is listed under GoStay’s 100% money back guarantee. Hence after the stay, I requested Goibibo to refund my money as I had a difficult time and was made to stay in the standard room of a 1-star hotel while I booked and paid 100% amount in advance for a deluxe room in a 3-star hotel. I still haven’t got my money back from Goibibo, they insist they are sorry, but cannot offer me anything more than Gocash worth 700. I have denied this offer as I do not wish to use Goibibo ever again and hence to GoCash is of no value to me. I demand a full refund into the card that I used for booking. If Goibibo cannot refund me in a situation like this, I really doubt they will do so if the TV of wifi does not work as claimed under the 100% money back guarantee program, which so far only appears to be a big scam.

Goibibo Customer Service

One of the most pathetic experiences with a support team. I lodged two tickets on their portal, #26086306 for the Chandigarh hotel and #26086081 for the Delhi incident. 

The automated email from the support team says we will get a response within 2 hours or sooner (lol). I never got a response on 26086081, until I mailed them back 3 days later. As for 26086306, I was lucky to get a response, but the fool at the other end looked to be actually responding to 26086081 based on the content of the response. These idiots cannot even reply to the right ticket. All responses received until today have been about the Delhi incident, the Chandigarh incident has easily been lost in the abuse of the ticket numbers by their support team. The escalation channel is of no use either.

Here is what I have got from them on the Delhi issue so far

We request you to please note that we have validated your concern and as checked on this, the issue was resolved within the stay by the hotel as an alternate property was offered and the stay has been availed as well and we request you to please note that the resolution offered from our end for 500 Non-Promotional Go Cash stands the best from our end. Non-promotional go cash can be used without any restrictions on usage and validity and the amount offered is close to 50% refund of the booking. 

According to this idiot, 500 is 50% of 1494. According to me 50% is not same as 100% of a 100% money back guarantee.

On insisting, this is what I get

In that case, the best offer that we can make on this booking is 700 Non-Promotional go cash and we won’t be able to offer anything beyond this as the concern was looked after within the stay and no complaints were raised to the hotel after that as per our validation. 

Who can make these morons understand that if I did not stay in the hodel, who can I raise a complaint to the hotel during my stay? Also, if a person is harassed so much after a tiring trip and reaches the hotel at 1-2AM would they want to go to sleep or play ping pong with goibibo during the night? Yet, as a matter of fact, I had raised the complaint on the goibibo site during my stay, through Goibibo’s equally idiotic AI assistant, gia. 

I am pretty sure the AI is of no use and did not chase it further.

What should have happened?

Chandigarh – Apology from the hotel and Goibibo. Goibibo should ban the hotel forever for trying to lure customers of a nearby city but incorrect listing.

Delhi – Apology from hotel and Goibibo. I should get 100% money back, no gocash.

I am not sure what is an appropriate ask for a poor experience and spoilt vacation.

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